Why Are Corporate Awards Important In The Workplace?


Corporate awards are normally looked upon as awards given to employees in big companies, but smaller businesses are increasingly using awards to recognize achievement. It doesn’t have to be a personalized trophy. It can be anything from a voucher to a pay bonus. An award in any form can have so many benefits in the workplace.

Here are some of the main benefits of having corporate awards in your company.

Showing You Care

The faceless corporate company has often been used as a stereotype to criticize modern working practices. To an extent, it’s a correct stereotype. Don’t let it infect your company by giving out awards. Show that you as the employer care about those under you.

You can talk about being part of a team as much as you like, but if you don’t show it these words are meaningless.

Awards demonstrate you appreciate the hard work everyone puts in.

Increase Morale

Company morale often falls when workers believe the management doesn’t care about them. If they realize they aren’t valued, they aren’t going to value the company. Why should they break their backs for a cause that doesn’t give them the same level of recognition as they give the cause?

Awards increase morale by recognizing the achievements and the hard work put in by the ordinary employee.


You can breed a sense of competition by implementing an awards system. Many industries, such as sales and finance, already do this to encourage people to close sales and increase productivity.

When implemented correctly, a healthy sense of competition gives workers a sense of purpose. This is handy if you’ve been struggling with motivation for a while.

Make sure you outline the criteria to avoid miscommunication between participants, otherwise the concept of competition can backfire and cause conflict.

Customer Relationships

There’s a reason corporations often publish information from their award ceremonies in the public arena. It’s to demonstrate to customers that they’ve implemented positive working practices.

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The days where the customer only cared about the price and the product are gone. Companies increasingly have to prove that they treat people in the right way. There’s a lot more scrutiny given to companies these days, even towards the smaller ones.

Away from Work

If you work on something for a long time, you’ll soon discover that the passion drops and you start to get bored. Companies realize that when employees associate their jobs with a small cubicle and constant targets they have a problem. Again, this goes back to the stereotype of the faceless corporation.

By having an awards evening where workers can attend a formal dinner, they associate work with more than just the day-to-day.

Furthermore, this is the same reason why businesses offer teambuilding days where an entire department indulges in activities like hiking and rock-climbing.

Make sure you provide great awards, though. If you don’t put the effort in to recognizing your employees, you’ll soon find productivity falling and the formation of a toxic working environment. You can find many services that will offer you personalized awards online.

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