Undertaking Your Life: The Entrepreneurial Spirit, The Key To Creating Your Life

Entrepreneurial Spirit

When undertaking is not limited to creating a business, but a life tailored to suit us …

The Entrepreneur of his life is above all a state of mind, that of entrepreneurship applied to our life. I see this frequently when I receive testimonials from entrepreneurs in their lives: taking charge of one’s life requires a certain state of mind and is in all respects similar to that of a business creator.

What is this state of mind? What are its characteristics?

There is no consensual definition of this entrepreneurial spirit. If I asked entrepreneurs this question, we would have as many definitions as entrepreneurs. As part of this article, I define the entrepreneurial spirit as a state of mind that goes beyond just creating a business. It is a state of mind that will push an individual to find courage, use his resources and his full potential, implement all the necessary means to carry out the project he wants (business project or life project) in the case of Entrepreneurs of their life). It is a state of mind that will influence the way it will act and the quality of the results that will result. It has strong characteristics that I will present in this article.

This entrepreneurial spirit is characterized first and foremost by a dynamic approach. An entrepreneur is someone who, faced with a need he has detected, will take action for the execution of his project. He advances. He is moving. He takes initiatives. He dares, despite the risks and his fears. He is in a dynamic of creation and action. Becoming an entrepreneur requires the transition from a “passive” state to an “active” or even proactive approach. There is a notion of movement that is initiated towards something new or better, the momentum that is initiated in the creation of this project … business or life.

“Action is the key to all success” Pablo Picasso

There is also a notion of commitment to his business or life project, which goes well beyond the setting in motion. To undertake is to take charge. It is mobilizing the energy and the resources necessary to lead and carry the project (s) that one wants to implement, and not to find excuses not to act. It is to be involved in one’s life. It is living deeply the present moment because it is he who will determine the future. It’s giving yourself permission to bet on the future. Becoming an entrepreneur requires the transition from a “spectator” state to an “actor” state.

There is also in this entrepreneurial spirit a notion of responsibility, a concept very close to that of commitment. The entrepreneur has a willingness to take, exercise and assumes responsibility, not to blame what is happening to someone else. It is having the freedom to make choices and to assume them, and not to be carried away by others. It is having control of one’s reaction to the events of life. Becoming an entrepreneur requires the transition from a state of “victim” to an attitude of “responsible”.

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At the root of this movement, commitment and responsibility is the motivation of the entrepreneur: the belief that one can choose one’s life, the desire to intentionally and conscientiously create one’s own path, more or less clear vision of a desirable future, and a need to be realized through a project of life that makes sense for the entrepreneur. It is this motivation that will give him the energy to undertake, and remain determined, tenacious and persevering despite the vagaries.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a state of mind that is not fixed and rigid. It is a “state of mind of development”: ” The state of mind of development is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things that you can cultivate through your efforts, although people may be different from others. many ways – by their initial talents and abilities, their interests, or their temperament – everyone can change and develop through work and experience “ ( Carol Dweck ). The world is changing, so is the entrepreneur. He is constantly improving, he has the ability to learn, to continually improve, to regularly update his knowledge, skills, and beliefs,

In this way, he cultivates his agility and resilience to be able to adapt to changes, deal with the vagaries of life and continue to move towards his vision.

Discipline then makes it possible to transform all these ingredients – movement, commitment, responsibility, motivation, envy, belief, vision, meaning, determination, development, resilience, agility – into something concrete: ” Discipline is the bridge between goals and the achievements “ (Jim Rohn). It is this discipline that will give you the opportunity to create and pursue your business and/or life project.

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of the book “How to Succeed Your Life?”, ” If a man can change his state of mind, his whole life will be changed .” The fact remains that the first step to change is through awareness: so what about you? In what state of mind are you in everyday life?