Towards A New Generation Of Entrepreneur-Employers

New Generation Of Entrepreneur-Employers
New Generation Of Entrepreneur-Employers

“Entrepreneurship, a lever for growth and employment”. This was the theme of the debate that animated the first El Jadida Employment Forum held last week.

As part of the Royal Vision to make human capital the cornerstone of Morocco’s economic and social development strategy, this forum was attended by more than 500 people, including entrepreneurs, students, university professors, bearers of ideas and actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to enrich the debate and make this event a breeding ground for collaborative projects. Thus, the main emphasis has been placed on the crucial role of entrepreneurship as a strategic tool enabling young people, men and women to be financially independent and to enter the workforce through work. business creation.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Employment and Occupational Integration, Mohamed Hazim recalled that “the objectives of the” Moumkine “program cannot be achieved without the contribution of local businesses and actors. Among other objectives, the accompaniment and the creation of more than 20,000 small economic units, a difficult challenge that involves improving the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, by mobilizing the school, the university, the enterprise, local authorities and civil society … “, he said. Rachid Sraidi, President CGEM / El Jadida – Settat, said that there is today a national recognition of the role and mission of the company as an engine of growth and job creation. “The new vision of entrepreneurship is based on accepting the fundamental role of the various actors in employability, including the company, the public authorities, the university and the social partners,” he said. -he indicates. For her part, Aziza Fasly, president of the association Entrelles Region El Jadida, declared that “this forum is for all the actors of the local and national ecosystem, a meeting point and a platform of exchange, by its pluralism and the quality of the themes that are addressed.

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For Driss Lebbat, director of the forum, the organization of this event in El Jadida is not fortuitous. “There is no need to erect yet another forum to praise the capacity and potential of the city of El Jadida and its region, in terms of wealth creation at the national level, no need also to demonstrate the human potential of this city or to deny its economic impact, “he said. And to conclude: “Our ultimate goal is to see the birth of a new generation of entrepreneur-entrepreneurs, whose positive impact will be felt in the creation of wealth, value and jobs in our country, among others”.

It should be noted that the Forum was punctuated by the signing of partnership agreements between different actors, giving full meaning to the location of this event, namely strengthening public-private collaboration and boosting the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As a reminder, the Forum is initiated by the association Entrelles femmes entrepreneurs Doukkala-Abda region and the CGEM El Jadida, under the aegis of the Ministry of Labor and professional integration and in partnership with Anapec,

Chouïab University Doukkali, the province of El Jadida.