Self-Procrastination: 8 Solutions To Boost Your Productivity


At home, there is no shortage of distractions! Follow my advice and solutions to become more efficient with your self-business and boost your productivity.

I know that when one is a self-entrepreneur, it is not every day the big motivation where one is “to the bottom of the balloons”. We procrastinate, we postpone the next day or we are easily distracted – ( the videos of cats on the net do not help… )

If that can reassure you, I too am in case. I am human just like you.

I have adopted productivity solutions to be in another world when I get to work. My world.

I’m saving a lot of time, really.

I’m going to show you all of the little techniques that allow me to be more productive and efficient when I work.

Be careful, I haven’t invented anything, I’m not going to take you out of methods never seen by ordinary people, it’s just common sense.

here is my method that will allow you to be more productive!


improve your productivityTime, a lot of time. But not only.

By being faster and managing your schedule properly, you will also improve the quality of work and boost your productivity.

And that’s where you tell me:

” Yeah, well, it’s only time … ”

Well no! You will also improve the quality of what you create.

If for the last time you do twice as much work, you can focus on the quality of the latter.

And therefore, therefore, you can:

  • raise the selling price of your product
  • increase the hourly cost of your service

If you sell products, you will surely be able to spend more time looking for prospects and therefore selling more while working less!

Far from being an absolute guide (I’m preparing one, don’t worry 😉 ), it’s rather a list of tips and solutions that are simple to implement that I will give you here.

They are of course dedicated to the self-employed who work at home.

But if you are an employee, my tips can help you improve your productivity and who knows, ask for a salary increase at the end of the year – (yes, hope gives life)


Clearly, your smartphone is your worst enemy.

When you work, your phone is a little bit like the imp on your shoulder saying:

“Stooop, stop working, it’s no use, just look at me, I’m so much more interesting!”

And we all know how it ends. It ends in a short five-minute break on the phone every 15 minutes.

So we say NO to the smartphone.

If you do n’t need it to work, turn it off, or mute it away from you.

What if there is an emergency? – (Haha, well seen little smart)

The ideal, in this case, is to switch some people to authorized ringing and others to mute. You can also warn your friends not to call you during your working hours.

I have succeeded over the years in making people around me understand that answering the phone was the thing for which I was the least qualified.

Now, they understand that to contact me, they must send me an email, an SMS or a message on an application and that I will answer when I want to, that is to say when I have finished working.

Those around you tend to believe that when you are a self-employed entrepreneur and suddenly work at home, they can contact you as they please. Make it clear that this is not the case.

So going back to the smartphone, if you solve this problem, it’s already a big part of the job done.

Really, the phone is a black spot in your productivity.


It may seem obvious, but who has never been to see his Facebook for even two minutes while he or she is working? This is a behavior to ban for the sake of your productivity

Now you have two choices available to you.

Either you are a trustworthy person, and then you just have to stop going.

You will end up not thinking about it, and you will have much more to see in the evening when you are in “posed” mode at home.

Either, it is really too hard to respect as a goal, because you are an (e) drugged (e) of social networks. Like many people, don’t worry.

And yes, unfortunately, the effects of social networks on our small brains are scientifically compared to drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines.

So at this level, we fall into the category of care.

If you are in this extreme case, I advise you to install a browser extension that will allow you to block a list of sites during your working hours.

The Chrome StayFocusd extension is a little pearl that allows you to define the maximum time that you are allowed to spend on certain sites each day.

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Its use?

Blocking sites for a certain period is a friend of your productivity.

I heard about this extension from a self-employed friend who found it hard to stay focused while working at home.

He was losing a lot of time on social networks and time-consuming 9gag- type sites. About 3 hours/day, which is huge!

He set his time to 30 minutes a day in the web distraction counter.

For a few weeks, he held out. Then little by little, there was a liberating effect that applied to him.

At the end of the second month, he didn’t go on social media on certain days. Or even on time-consuming sites.

Today we can say that he is healed. It no longer has the extension and it no longer needs it. He manages his time effectively.

Now when someone sends him a message on Messenger, he responds to the lunch break or when he’s finished working.


I don’t know if you’re like me, but the noises around me disturb me and easily distract me from my goal.


Imagine that you live in an apartment.

You are in your office trying to write a blog post and suddenly your neighbor decides that it would be nice to do some work at home. And now a concert by hammers and sanders begins.

You can’t concentrate anymore and it’s the blank page.


Headphones and music. You have to put yourself in your bubble, just you and your thoughts.

Good music allows me to cut myself off from the outside world and to focus on my ideas. Even sometimes, these sounds motivate me to do more and better!


If you are on the verge of burnout, take a look at it, it will do you the greatest good!


When you list things for the same day and the day after, generally we respect this to-do-list.

There is no point in wanting to do everything today, you have to create workable lists – (you are not Superman or Superwoman, well I think…)

If you are creating a list that is too complex to make for the day, this is the best way to boost your morale, because you will never get to the end.

It must, therefore, be sorted by order of completion.

I do not know much about the building, but we rarely build the roof of a house first, otherwise bah … it falls.

However, we first make the foundations, then the walls and finally the roof.

It’s the same in your job. Certain tasks can have an influence on the next ones, organize it intelligently.

Also, consider breaking down your actions. Be able to separate a big load of work into smaller iterations and easily achievable.

The mason does not build his wall in a work session. He puts a brick by brick until he gets the wall.

Besides, his wall is not finished during the day. He set himself a wall height to reach today, if you do like him, do not skip the steps, because you will waste time and your brain will be in turmoil.


This is a point that may seem really silly. But when you embark on a project, generally you have thought about it a minimum.

You have a kind of To-Do list just waiting to receive little crosses.

To analyze your productivity, look at your project, and analyze the big tasks. I’m talking about the ones that will take you time, of course, but it is these that will help you move forward.

Like a checkpoint in a video game, these great tasks accomplished take you up a level.

Each time you pass one of these levels, reward yourself because you have earned it.


I’m not talking to you here about buying a villa every time you reply to an email – (even if it would be great…)

No, I’m talking to you here about going for a small restaurant during the week or going for a drink after a big day planned on your To-Do list and you’ve just ticked the small box – (and that worked for you relieved (e))

You can also have other rewards :

  • Go for a walk in the forest – for nature lovers
  • Go for a swim in the pool – for athletes
  • Play this new video game – for geeks
  • Cooking a nice little dish for hours – for epicureans
  • Painting your thoughts – for artists
  • Read a good little book tucked into a plaid – for dreamers

There is no limit to pleasure, as long as it suits you and you feel relaxed after a good day’s work and you find that you improved your productivity.

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