Self-Entrepreneurship- On The Internet, It Offers Family Activities


Valerie Moysan launched its start-up Récréaptiloups, a website that allows families to find fun outings in Finistere and Morbihan for their children, from zero to 15 years.

Stuck for ideas for activities to do with children during the holidays? Valerie Moysan “original Morbihanaise Finistère” has found the solution. This auto-entrepreneur of 42 years, launched at the beginning of November its website Récréatiloups .

“The site lists activities for children up to 15 years in Finistere and Morbihan. This may be one-off activities, such as Christmas markets, festivals or young public activities throughout the year with workshops and I intend to do fun accommodation space, as in a tipi for example. These are the activities that appeal to families, “explains the designer of the website.

“Out of the ordinary”

The idea came to him during parental leave. “I’m an adventurer. When I was a student in Paris, I was always on the lookout for unusual places to go out. By becoming a mom, I have kept the curious mind, transposing it to my children what I could do with them coming out of the ordinary? »

So the young mother opened a page on the Facebook social network in March 2013, first on the morbihanais sector to discuss with parents of family outings. “I just Plouguerneau, and every time I go back in the Finistère, I ask myself outputs. “So she created a second page, a year later, Finistere. Both pages together nearly 3,500 members, sharing ideas outputs. “It was my test before the creation of the website. »

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Helped a webmaster, the young self-entrepreneur has embarked on the construction of the site in 2014, retaining its two Facebook pages. “It is important to keep the link with the people who follow me from the beginning, and help me. I continue to feed these pages, I ask them questions about what they would like to see on the website

8000 visits in two months

Professionals have the opportunity to contact Valerie who then offers subscriptions or advertising inserts to allow them to appear on Récréatiloups. She also meets its customers to “test” activities “in order to better describe the site» . Visitors, themselves, have access to all the information for free, opting for the Finistère or Morbihan party.

In just two months, the site knows his success with almost 8000 visits. Eventually, Valerie Moysan wishes to extend over the entire region, “perhaps recruit employees, and volunteers who agree to test the activities.”