Secrets to Networking for Business Success

Business people in a meeting

Even though you have your brand and target market figured out, your small business will not reach its pinnacle without a clever networking strategy. Whether you do it online or tap into your public relations (PR) team, this will introduce you to new partners and affordable yet quality suppliers to keep consumer satisfaction at a maximum. In his article posted on Quick Sprout business analyst Neil Patel said that you can consider networking as an everyday lifestyle, wherein you have to mingle with a “stranger” in major symposia.

Indeed, networking can make or break your enterprise success. For secure stability, below are some tips to get you started:

Be consistent in using social media
“Go online to generate a buzz for your small business,” said career expert Richard McMunn in an interview with PR Moment. While you can post service updates to generate interest organically, social media use is a different ball game nowadays. Consistency is the key when using social networking sites. If you have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you must ensure that the content are synchronized. Of the three, McMunn argued that Twitter is the most efficient in terms of real-time networking. However, he said that it’s also the most time demanding hardest to maintain.

Give more, take less
When you want to be of service, you will see many doors opening for you. Attend each business event with the intention of what you can give, instead of what you can get. However, you must set some boundaries. Although you want to approach each person to advertise your services, you need to set these boundaries to prevent you from “over giving.”

During the conversation, you may ask others about their startup, and see a common denominator where you can inject ideas to promote your own enterprise. After a few minutes, do what most entrepreneurs call the “gracious strength,” wherein you will end the conversation on a good note.

Explore niche interests
Business Insider said that niche networks allows you to hit two birds with one stone, as it combines various interests coming from the cultural and local markets. Given the diversity of these markets, networking is made easier, allowing you to introduce your services with whom you share a common connection. For example, there is a social networking tool especially made for Indian enterprise tycoons – the BizShup. They are able to create mobile campaigns, and send messages to the platform’s 45 million users across the globe. Additionally, they are able to create groups, track analytics, and use the Keywords feature to entice new customers.

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Create harmony between quality and quantity
For business owners, maintaining the quality and quantity of work is a dilemma. But Ivan Misner on Fox Business noted that quality should be the first element, saying that you must be selective of the business professionals you will bring in your circle. Look for supportive and positive individuals, as effective networking depends on the quality of relationships you will develop.

Then, quantity comes in. According to Misner, groups with less than 20 members do not generate as many referrals. He presented a permutation through a diagram, showing how you can generate these connections. For example, if you have 16 members, you will be able to generate 256 connections, and 32 participants equate to 1,024.

“What are the secrets of networking?” If you see yourself asking this question, these are some of the principles you need to focus on. Understanding this formula not only amplifies referrals, but it can also open a lot of doors for networking possibilities.
Are you ready to take the challenge of business networking?