A Safer, Healthier Workspace: Key Takeaways


Workplace accidents occur more frequently than most people realize. They can happen almost anywhere, catching both employers and employees off-guard. Every seven seconds, an employee gets injured, costing a business thousands of dollars every year and incurring medical costs, economic compensation, and attorneys’ fees.

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To avoid the heavy financial and reputational toll that a workplace injury entails, business owners will have to make targeted investments in safety and employee protection. This would mean adopting practical measures that don’t cost much but can improve safety overall.

Having said that, let’s take a look at a few things that can help you achieve a safer and healthier workspace:

  1. Create a culture of collaboration

At the office, it’s important to realize that safety is everyone’s priority and responsibility. There are roles that must be filled, and everyone is expected to do everything they can to improve the workplace.

That is why collaboration is integral to the success of any business. It is needed in order to draw out different insights coming from diverse perspectives to come up with effective decisions that involve workplace safety and well-being. You might want to consider an “open door” policy so employees can freely pinpoint potential hazards around the office. Holding town hall meetings can also be a great way to get everybody involved in making the workplace safer.

  1. Start with a team

Whether you’re renting out office space or you have your own building, your business has to be assessed if it complies with current ordinances and standards. You will have to adhere to local and federal policies that cover building maintenance. And for sure, there’s a lot you will need to cover when it comes to making sure your office space follows specific regulations.

For this, it helps if you are able to build a team whose primary concern is to assess the integrity of the building and identify issues that you might want to patch up. The members should be detail-oriented and they may come from different departments. If your office occupies an entire building, then you might want to hire someone as the building administrator.

  1. Never ignore repairs and preventive measures
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Once you are able to mobilize your workplace safety committee, you should be able to start evaluating the property and determine what issues you will need to address. There’s no doubt that many workplace injury lawsuits end up with a loss for the employer, especially when there’s enough evidence to prove there was indeed negligence.

You wouldn’t want your business to be in that situation, so it makes sense to conduct a thorough building inspection every month and spend money on necessary repairs. It’s a hefty investment, but it’s a small sacrifice to prevent costly accidents from happening.

  1. Consider all your legal options

The experts at Marks and Harrison, (https://www.marksandharrison.com/our-locations/fredericksburg-office/slip-and-fall/) recommend that employees who have suffered a slip and fall injury access legal services as soon as possible. For employers, you will need to prepare for such scenarios, so it’s important that you get a lawyer who can help you roll right out of the way of a lawsuit. For both parties, a local lawyer specializing in slip-and-fall injuries is a great resource as they are already familiar with the laws pertaining to that state.

Safety and well-being are priorities that business owners shouldn’t pass up, considering all the costs it entails.