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10 Misconceptions About Employee Motivation


The Employee motivation in the company is a strategy management that a leader must manage every day. Without Employee motivation,  employees will not flourish and, like the company, will not develop, because if the motivation is zero the result will be … zero!

For a leader motivation must remain a permanent concern, he must continually work to motivate his teams. Everyone knows Employee motivation is the key to success and, if it does not guarantee, on its own, the performance of an employee, there can be no lasting performance without it.

Many staff managers, however, tend to base their management strategy on ideas about employees’ motivational factors. The blog of the leader presents a list of 10 received ideas on this management.


1. The reward is an indisputable motivator

This seems surprising at first glance, but this idea is not always correct.  Indeed, psychologists have highlighted the fact that too many rewards diminish employee performance. Thus, men and women do not work so much by envy but more by duty or competitiveness.

The healthy emulation between employees, rather than the competition that reduces the prospects to a short-term vision, is, therefore, an important factor for Employee motivation. It allows you to measure yourself, to achieve goals, to surpass yourself in a reasonable way, in short, to be proud of what you do.


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