More than 50 Business ideas for Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Business Ideas

Create a mutual activity interests you, but you do not know yet in what you launch? To give your ideas, here is a list of Entrepreneur Business Ideas that can be created with this status. What inspire you…?

Of course, these are only examples of activities in very different sectors.

You want to sell services or products to individuals.

Do you like helping others? Orient yourself to the services to the person.

Here is a list of services you can offer at your clients’ homes.

  • 1. Beautician at home
  • 2. Hairdresser at home
  • 3. Company lady of an elderly person
  • 4. Domestic help. For example, you take care of an elderly person’s ironing and cleaning.
  • 5. Help seniors or addicts in their everyday lives. You can, for example, prepare their meals, do the shopping, help them organize and manage their papers…
  • 6. Offer garden maintenance assistance.
  • 7. Keep children
  • 8. Offer computer repair services
  • 9. Help people who move: filling cartons…
  • 10. “Courier”: you go shopping and plan the menus for a week, with the preparation of cooking cards for each meal
  • 11. Home Economics Consulting: Help with Account Management and Administrative Secretarial of a Family
  • 12. Public Writer

Are you an expert in a field?

It’s time to share your knowledge.

  • 13. Become a bridge or chess instructor
  • 14. Animate conversations in foreign languages
  • 15. Offer to tutor and help with exam preparation
  • 16. Offer art classes or art classes
  • 17. Give music lessons
  • 18. Become a computer trainer
  • 19. Give computer graphics lessons

You have a hobby, are you good at your hands? Why not sell what you produce or teach others what you can do.

  • 20. Sell the craft products you make: jewelry, clothes, bags, small furniture…
  • 21. Organize at home creative craft workshops: pottery, silk painting, scrapbooking…
  • 22. A green idea: make storage boxes decorated with used materials. Example: tin cans, metal cakes boxes…
  • 23. Personalize Items: Printed t-shirts, embroidered infant napkins…
  • 24. Good seamstress? Offer your retouching benefits: trouser bottoms, covers, and regular repairs
  • 25. Gifted for DIY? Submit your services of tapestry, painting, carpet…
  • 26. If carpentry is your passion, make wooden games

You are a pro in the kitchen

  • 27. Prepare meals at your customers’ homes. You offer them to take care of everything: shopping, cooking, washing dishes
  • 28. Give cooking classes
  • 29. Prepare and sell long culinary specialties to prepare in small quantities: oriental pastries, sweet or savory petites fours…

You like animals

  • 30. Sell Gourmet Pet Foods
  • 31. Become a walker for dogs, cats…
  • 32. Offer to take care of animals during the holidays of their masters
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Do you have a sense of celebration?

Help others celebrate the events of their lives.

  • 33. Help them organize birthday snacks or special dinners (e.g., for ceremonies such as communions, bar mitzvah …).
  • 34. Create Announcements, Mass Booklets, Embryo Chaplets … for weddings, births or baptisms
  • 35. Help brides and grooms create their website
  • 36. Become a DJ
  • 37. Become a clown or animator for birthday parties for children •    38. Propose your photographic skills for the big dates of life: birthdays, retirement, wedding anniversaries or other events
  • 39. Provide animation and childcare for large family reunions
  • 40. Help families organize “Get-together,” family gatherings that allow all cousins and cousins to meet each other: launch invitations, manage RSVPs, find a meeting place, and arrange the catering…

Are you interested in tourism?

  • 41. Accompany tourists and make them discover monuments, neighborhoods, a region
  • 42. Create guest rooms in your home
  • 43. Organize personalized tours for groups or families (e.g., the Loire Valley by bike …)

And more ideas…

  • 44. Represent a painter or artist and ask to be paid commission on his sales (help him find galleries that expose him and make buyers for his works)
  • 45. Become a book staller in the markets
  • 46. Resell what you pick, become an occasional second-hand dealer


You want to sell services or products to companies or professionals.

  • 47. Ensure consulting assignments in your areas of expertise: marketing, human resources…
  • 48. Propose translations in a language that you master perfectly
  • 49. Become a proofreader
  • 50. Offer a data storage service to small businesses
  • 51. Do you have a nice address book? Find new clients and get paid commission (business delivery service)


You want to do business through the Internet

  • 52. Sell products at sites such as eBay or amazon.
  • 53. Create independent websites (webmaster, developer) for your friends or contacts
  • 54. Make IT developments independently
  • 55. Become a website publisher and market the advertising space of your website or blog
  • 56. Sell one-off SEO services



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