Interview with Muneeb Mushtaq, Founder of AskforTask


What industry is your startup a part of and what does it do?

AskforTask is an online marketplace that is part of the new sharing economy industry, which is based on P2P (peer2peer) aspect. Some popular examples of this industry include Airbnb, lyft, uber etc.

AskForTask makes it easy to post any sort of task online. Whether it is a quick errand you need help with, or a few hours of tough manual labor that could require a team of people, no task is too big or too small to post.

AskForTask allows users to set the job requirements and desired amount. Once this is done, offers start flowing in within a matter of minutes, and you can assign the job to the right Tasker based on user-generated reviews, getting the work you need done, when you need it.

What void does your company aim to fill in the industry? What gap in the market are you serving?

The service industry is still lagging behind in terms of innovation. People are still depending on classified websites like Craigslist to get their daily errands done. AskforTask is aimed at bringing security, reliability and trustworthiness into this industry. By reversing the process of finding trusted help for simple tasks, AskforTask is the most efficient way to hire someone local for an errand.

How does your company stand out from competitors in the industry?

As mentioned, this industry is still being overlooked in terms of innovation, hence there are very few companies who are involved in solving this problem. One of our major competitors is Thumbtack, a U.S based company that is very successful. The difference is that Thumbtack is focusing on high-end projects that average around $600, whereas AskforTask averages around $90 per Task.

Another thing that makes us stand out from the rest of the competition is that we actively listen and embed the feedback that we receive from the community. This is reflected in constant improvements in the product, whereas the rest of the startups are just focused on aggressive growth, and tend to overlook existing customers.

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What have been the most prolific innovations or advances in the industry in the last few years?

AskforTask is a combination of the service industry and the sharing economy. The sharing economy has come a long way in just a few years, and in fact, the concept didn’t even exist until very recently. The technology has enabled people to communicate globally in a very localized setting, and this has opened countless new avenues to share commodities, ideas, services and more.

How do you think your company will change and influence your industry over the coming year?

We have come a long way in disrupting the service industry in just one year. More than 150,000 people are actively offering their services that have enabled people to save over $20,000,000 getting their everyday jobs done. We have some exciting new features in the pipeline which we will be rolling out over the course of next year. Among other tools, these will include more real-time geo location based engagement. With that we are planning on launching in new regions as well, that would encourage