Innovative Entrepreneurs: Making Waves with Big Concepts



In this modern day and age, entrepreneurs have to be savvy. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, they’re coming up with new solutions that can replace the tried and true. These creative thinkers of today are really shaking things up, making a splash and changing the name of the game for everyone else in the world. Take a look at the trend setters in 2013.

Need the Perfect Dress? Try a Rental on for Size!

Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss had a brilliant concept. They based their business, Rent the Runway, in the heart of the fashion world in New York City. Rather than offer consumers upscale dresses at astronomical prices, they came up with the option of rental gowns. They recognized the need, providing women with an more affordable option and the reality that many women only need that dress for one special occasion. Why spend a fortune on something that will only be worn once?

What About Getting Clothes on Trade?

Nikki Durkin of Sydney, Australia also looked at the clothing market for women in a new way. She decided to create 99 Dresses where consumers have the opportunity to buy a dress and trade a dress in through a virtual platform. The savings are considerable and women can recycle their clothing on a regular basis. It’s a great way to spice up a tired wardrobe.

Need Something More Personal than the Standard Giftcard?

John Poisson created Wantful, a business established in NYC on the East coast and San Francisco on the West Coast. Rather than offer consumers gift cards with no recognition of personal preferences and tastes, he created a place that was chock full of gifts based on a person’s interests and in a price range to suit budgets.

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What You Need To Know About StartUp Businesses

Natasha Murashev and Nick O’Neil of San Francisco offered the public resources on trending statistics with their business, StartUp Stats. From people looking for a job to customers and backers, people could identify trends and hit the market where it is hot.

It’s all about thinking outside the box. Everyone needs to broaden their horizons!