6 Ways to Improve Employee Teamwork and Productivity


In a 2016 survey by CareerBuilder, over 75% of employers said that two hours of employee productivity are lost every day to distractions. Whether it’s 10 people or 100 people, leading a team effectively is no small task. Conflict, misunderstandings, and a lack of communication can quickly bring a workplace into chaos.

On the other hand, a well-organized team that knows how to work with each other and is driven by the same goals can prove immensely valuable to a business. Fortunately, solutions for creating this scenario are plentiful. Consider the following 6 ways to improve employee teamwork and productivity.

Create Accountability

Making employees accountable for their work means nothing more than letting them make their own decisions about what they do. When this happens, they feel a greater sense of responsibility and begin to see how their decisions impact the team as a whole. Consequently, their work ethic improves, and with it, their performance.

Incentivize Performance

It’s no secret that we perform our best when we have a compelling reason to do so – usually a monetary one. Hence, companies have begun to implement incentive programs that help keep their employees motivated to go the extra mile in their work. Incentives can include vouchers, days off, free lunch, and some enticing cash prizes.

Utilize Project Management Software

Today’s project management software has evolved far enough to be a reliable way to boost teamwork and productivity. A good project management tool can improve collaboration among employees, provide valuable insights, and help organize work in a way that makes it easier to tackle. Trello, Proofhub, Zoho Projects, and Basecamp are popular options.

Another way to boost project management is to make sure the team can communicate effectively, especially during the pandemic. Make sure to invest in a virtual phone system for remote work.

Team Building Exercises

The productivity of your team depends strongly on their ability to communicate and collaborate. The more everyone knows about each other, such as their strengths and weaknesses, the better the team can work together happily and effectively. However, building camaraderie is difficult to do within the workplace.

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This is why team-building exercises are a great idea. They can lighten up the mood and incorporate a bit of fun into the scenario, thus helping employees be more open with each other. So, the next time you have a meeting in Thailand, try to organize some team-building exercises to go alongside it that fit in well with your line of business.

Improve the Work Environment

Your environment plays a major role in dictating how you think, feel and perform during your work. This is why top organizations invest a great deal of time and effort into designing an effective office interior. Elements such as bright lighting, ergonomic furniture, the right colors, minimal noise, and a touch of nature from plants can all help.

Avoid Micromanaging

Another factor that helps us work our best is when we’re allowed to do things our own way. It’s easy to lose interest when you’re constantly being micromanaged by someone who wants you to do things “their way.” Instead, define the goals and expectations, sit back and let your teamwork.

Don’t forget to provide constructive feedback on how your team is performing. If they’re aware of where they’re going wrong, they can make the necessary changes to improve.


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