Holy Spirit Encourages Entrepreneurship in Schools


The Youth program Entrepreneurs Getting Started (JEPP), developed by Sebrae in the Holy Spirit, got one of his best results in 2012 since its implementation in the state in 2006. Through new partnerships, it was possible to increase in the number of students benefited , which should also happen in 2013. The 2012 figures point to a year of new and potential to grow. In total, we received more than 40,000 students from three municipalities, 77 schools participating and more than 150 teachers involved.

The program aims to promote a favorable environment for entrepreneurship in school and family, developing the entrepreneurial behavior characteristics and business management. Students cook up objects by hand and then sell at fairs held in schools.

For 2013, the Sebrae in the Holy Spirit wants to expand the program. “We will try to expand partnerships, including new municipalities, private schools and support companies in order to increase the number of children served by promoting sustainable social development,” said the state program manager, Leonidio Pinheiro.

Of the students awarded with the program, 35,000 are 61 Vila Velha schools – almost all public schools in the city has been met. In addition to Old Town, Pine and Ibiraçu also participate in the JEPP. Although recent, the partnership with Ibiraçu already showing results. The program was implemented in a pilot school with approximately 120 students. It was observed that the involvement of the community generated results such as improving the quality of reading, socialization of students, view of social environmental responsibility, work together and the development of entrepreneurial behavior characteristics.

In Pinheiros, the partnership is the most established and oldest, as it is the first city to implement the program in the state since 2006. The city was recognized by the Inoves Award – category results for the Company, which made the success of JEPP. Fairs entrepreneurs, which always happens at the end of the learning cycle, community mobilization and students was very expressive. There were three major fairs held in municipalities and more than 40 small fairs held in the localities where the school is located. “The fairs mobilize their local community to know the products and business created by the students. These events are also marketed the products produced by these students in order to create an entrepreneurial environment, “explains Leonídio.

In Pinheiros, the holding of the VI Entrepreneurship Fair took more than five thousand people visit the area and had 80 stalls, with three thousand children and adolescents participating directly and actively in all the preparatory process for the fair, and are essential in production and marketing of products. In Old Town, the partnership had more than 30 small fairs in schools, involving the entire school system. There was also a big fair at school João Medeiros Calmom, which included the participation of more than four thousand students and the community, who might know products in 27 stalls.

Labor market
Yanomã Fernandes Konwski is eight years old and completed the second year of primary education in a public school in Pinheiros. From the entrepreneurship course, students developed skills such as planning, organization and marketing. The discipline of stimuli motivated to sell coconut candy at school, marbles and currently Yanomã set up a breeding quail.

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