Giraumont: Fabien Lefebvre, Beekeeper Entrepreneur

Fabien Lefebvre

Fabien Lefebvre lost his job last June. To bounce back, he decided to make his passion for beekeeping his job. The Giraumontois has just created his company, Le Rucher Lorrain.

Fabien Lefebvre, beekeeper entrepreneur
Fabien Lefebvre, beekeeper entrepreneur

At the chance of an engineering mission made in Jœuf, Fabien Lefebvre is immediately seduced by the region, its rolling countryside, its meadows as far as the eye can see. Originally from the North, this is exactly the definition of nature. The mechanical designer immediately asks for his transfer and settles down. “First to Jarny three years and twenty years to Giraumont. The man does not regret it. In parallel with his work, he cultivates a kitchen garden of 650 m² and is trained in beekeeping at the apiary-jarnysien school run by Camille Rehm and Michel Perrin.

“I had been offered a jar of honey. I wanted to learn how to do it too, “he says. “Like everyone else, I started with 2 hives until I got 60, 30 of which were populated. The empty spaces used to go get free swarms when the firemen call me. All the town halls in the area have my number, “he smiles. In short, everything was fine until his dismissal in June 2017.

Dismissal and reconversion

“When Eupec, the metal coating company of Jœuf, closed in 2003, I was offered to return to the office of Dunkirk but I liked in Lorraine so I found a place elsewhere,” says the Giraumontois. Who did not expect to lose that last job at 55? ” I thought about. At my age, I could not find the same salary level and working conditions I had then. I, who had never done a factory job, did not see myself starting now. So I thought to reorient myself to my second activity. The beekeeping he has been practicing as an amateur for fifteen years!

“I prepared a business plan with a five-year forecast and spoke of my desire to create my box to the former director of Eupec-Joeuf with whom I had made contact. He passed it on to his wife, an executive assistant in an accounting firm, who showed it to his boss. The latter found my project viable. Fabien Lefebvre has started! “By borrowing 20 000 € in the family sphere because the banks do not lend to an unemployed person. On November 29th, I opened Le Rucher Lorrain, a farming company with limited liability. As a bee-raiser, the fifties make contributions to the agricultural social insurance society.

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With the help of Pôle Emploi

Supported by his wife Nathalie, he also salutes the Acre scheme of Pôle Emploi. “This business creation and takeover help allow me to receive my benefits each month provided that I remain an unpaid manager for three years until the end of my unemployment benefits. In this way, I can spend my time advancing my business. ”

Bees, with their very hierarchical and ultra-efficient operation around their queen, can only inspire it. “I invested in 100 empty hives and 60 swarms to increase my honey production. Last year, I harvested 1.2 tons that I have been selling since October in the markets of Jœuf, Rombas, and Jarny. This time, I’m counting on 3 tons. Here, the continental climate is ideal. ”


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