Entrepreneurship. Two testimonies designers with the association “I created my box”


wo courses of very different life, but the same will to succeed. Christophe Renzaho and Caroline Cantin testified in the evening I create my box, an association supported by the CCI of Rennes and success of which can not be denied.

Round tables and a buffet, nothing better for passing current between an entrepreneur who has taken the plunge and another who may become, and seeks a listening ear. “When you talk about your project employment center, they look at you like an alien, for you are in a box they do not know. “Christophe Renzaho, 33 Rwandans who speaks five languages, has created his computer company in June 2013.

Humanitarian IT to

Seven months earlier, he had pushed, by chance, door 4 Bis, where was held the evening I create my box . At this time, it is almost to the street … After working in humanitarian, he came to Rennes to prepare a master in computer methods applied to business management (Miage), Rennes 1. “Fourth year I had to give up after a personal event. »

He finds himself with nothing, doing odd jobs … Why not start his computer consulting box suitable for small and micro businesses? “Those who do not come to digital will die, but many are misled by ignorance of the subject! I propose to accompany them. »

Business leaders he met in my box I create are “skeptical”. “However Erwan Gaudin Citéslab listen. “It will help to strike the right doors: training to budding entrepreneur with Adie (Association for the Right to Economic Initiative), sharing experiences with the Club of creators and buyers, meeting with Agnes Parcheminou, which had itself created a web agency. “There is that entrepreneurs who can understand you when you head under the water! »

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One and a half after joining the incubator of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the founder of CR informatics knows that he has a way to go. “But it’s starting to come! »

Feline can

Caroline Cantin, 38, opened in the center of Rennes (Rue Victor Hugo) “where it did not exist,” a store of food and accessories for dogs and cats. “With as decoration gift ideas for those who love animals, “says one who quickly took the bump trade.

Finistère, came to Rennes for a literature degree, she worked as a sales assistant in the electronics, construction. After two layoffs, she thinks in 2012 to create his own job. Two years later, in April 2013, she opened her shop Ki-Kazh (Breton dog-cat).

Meanwhile, it was formed with the ICC and the Management Boutique (BGE), everything you must know before starting: management, financing, market research … And above all she created may feline, a cat protection association … “It brought me a lot in the conduct of a project! »

As Christophe Renzaho, Caroline also had moments of discouragement. “This is why we must rely on corporate networks that exist.