Entrepreneurship: Should Have an Idol Entrepreneur to Succeed?


A do we need to have an idol entrepreneur to Becoming An Entrepreneur? The idea for this article came after reading my “How to become a rock star of entrepreneurship? . I spoke with a New entrepreneur who recounted a meeting between me startuppers the facilitator asked participants, ”  What is your idol entrepreneur? ”  Another question to the con (mine is perhaps too) and fashionable in inbred ecosystem of startups where some pseudo gurus are dreaming apprentices naive bosses.

Do not get upset Guys and answer rather to the question in your title.

Very good question, moreover! Thank you for letting me put, like say in unison the pitchers following their stereotyped training “Become a pro pitch in 48 hours” . In my case, it allowed me to reflect. Here are some answers to “Entrepreneurship: should have an idol entrepreneur to succeed? ”

Starts with getting to know you

Before identifying a type of idol Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Alice Zagury , do like me and learn to know you.

How? Personally, I like the MBTI  to identify their psychological type, completed language DISC for behavioral styles. Warning, do you help a pro human relationships to ensure reliable test results.

Why?  First to gain autonomy to make decisions = ones that match you. Then not to choose a contractor idol that is your opposite and that will make you make mistakes. For example, if I wasOsama Amar as guru, her assistant builder of empires and I field entrepreneur, I would lose too much time to put myself at his level.

So be yourself. This is a good start and your life will be more balanced.

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Beware of self-idol syndrome

Even more dangerous than having an idol entrepreneur , there is the category of self-entrepreneurs idols . They are so megalomaniac that only their (small) person account. It is found primarily in men, particularly in politics, but by digging, I see also among entrepreneurs like Donald Trump.

PS: Note that I did not say that we should not ego to be a successful entrepreneur. It is even obvious that a certain amount is necessary to succeed in business.

Guides yes, Not Idols

Let us be wise for once and as in philosophy up to synthesis. I will conclude this forum by ”  The yes guides, not idols” . Of course in the turbulent and uncertain life of the entrepreneur, you need tags to show you the way forward and resolve your difficulties. From there to confide body and soul to a guru, coach or other nickname uluberlu there in my step it is important not to cross.

And you what is your opinion, your experience, your answer to the question ”  Entrepreneurship: should have an idol entrepreneur to succeed? “