Entrepreneurs: Is It Worth It?

Entrepreneurs: Is it worth it?
How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In 2018

How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur In 2018

There is a very popular phrase on the internet that says, “The one who had the idea of ​​cutting time into slices, and who named them in years, is a great person. Twelve months are enough for any human being to get tired and give up his plans. And it is at this moment that the miracle of renewal comes and everything starts again “.

Even though this sentence is only a superstition, we really believe that the end of the year inspires people to change their lives. In many cases, this is the time to put the last 365 days in perspective and set new goals, whether personal or professional.

Regardless of whether you want to change careers or want to become an entrepreneur, planning ahead is critical to the success of your new business. So, we’ve created an article with tips for those who wish to be a successful entrepreneur in 2018 and some market suggestions you can take action on!

Take this opportunity to answer all your questions on the subject!

Is it still worth undertaking?

First and foremost, the most important question: with an economy that oscillates as much as the world today, is it worthwhile to undertake?

Much of this response can be found on the 4th edition of BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneurship Report, based on the opinion of 2,700 successful entrepreneurs from 22 countries with a total income of $ 36 trillion.

80% of them believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to have a local and global impact, in terms of environmental protection.

Entrepreneurs anticipated growth in the use of investment funds in the future (34%), start-up financing (34%), venture capital (32%), capital investment (32%) and impact investments (29%).

“The Millennipreneurs, which have great wealth potential, release this trend: 64% are committed to making investments that have a positive impact on people and the environment,” said Vincent Lecompte, Co-CEO of BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

Is there a new market to explore?

The undertaking is not the same as creating something new on the market, but identifying problems and opportunities to implement a solution that adds value to people’s lives.

Think of the case of Netflix, for example. It is a streaming service that provides movies and series on demand. Before it appears, people could pay for TV shows or download content illegally on the web.

The idea of ​​being a video service is not as innovative if you think so. But when Netflix has made available a catalog of movies to watch when you want, by a fixed value per month, they reduce the work for the consumer who is used to consume this type of content.

With this mentality, it is possible to stand out in a saturated niche.

Market Options

At least 20 years ago, the only way for those who wanted to start was to create a physical institution. As the internet has evolved, new market options for those who want to venture online have emerged and generated income with their talents.

In addition to having a larger reach, the online market has the advantage of being less bureaucratic, so you can work on it without having a formal business, at least in the beginning.


The Producer is the professional who turns your knowledge into a digital product to be sold on the internet. To become one, one must have a great knowledge on the subject.

Advantages :

  • Autonomy to create your content;
  • More ease of distribution
  • Evolutionary Profit Opportunities;
  • Variety of formats;
  • Low investment.

How to become a Producer

The first step in creating a product is to list topics that you master and that teach you easily.

With this list in hand, look for features like Google Trends, if there is a customer base interested in these topics. Indeed, more people are looking for the theme, more chances to sell your product you will have.

We also suggest you search keywords on features like Google Keyword Planner to identify those with more attraction on the search engines. This research will help you to better know your competition and the pains of those who are looking for this type of product.


The Affiliate is the professional who advertises third-party products in exchange for commissions by each sale made.

Advantages :

  • You must not create a product;
  • You can start without any investment;
  • You have the freedom to advertise the products you want;
  • You must not build an audience from scratch.

How to become an Affiliate

The first step to becoming an Affiliate is registering on a product sales platform, like Hotmart, for example.

After registration, select the products you want to advertise. The selected products must add value to the people who accompany your blog or follow you on social networks because this is the only way that the indication can be well received and can be converted into sales.

Understand Affiliate Programs Better

Digital Influencer

The influencer must have work similar to that of an Affiliate. The difference is that he sells his image for the product instead of receiving commissions from the sales made. This can be an option for those who are popular on the internet and want to generate income with their lifestyle.

Advantages :

  • He works with his own image;
  • You should not transfer commissions unless you work in an influencer agency;
  • You can make money in different forms: sponsored articles, event attendance, brand partnerships, etc.

How to become an influencer

First of all, you have to have a large and engaged audience, and then think about monetizing your content.

To build your audience, it’s fundamental to create engaging content that adds value to those who follow you.

You will also need to be consistent in your articles, make publications frequently and have a close relationship with your subscribers.

Here on the blog, we have a super complete publication that shows how to become an influencer, enjoy to check all our tips!


YouTuber is also a type of digital influencer, the difference is that it produces content necessarily in the video.

To monetize your channels, these professionals can sign up on Google AdSense to spread ads or trade values ​​with brands through video mentions.

Advantages :

  • Freedom to create own content
  • You can work from where you want;
  • You can earn money in various forms: sponsored articles, event attendance, brand partnerships, Google AdSense, and more.

How to become a YouTuber

The first step to becoming a YouTuber is to create a channel on the video platform.


The professional freelancer is the one who works on his own, which puts a price on his specific abilities of writing, creating websites, design, photography, etc.

Currently, there are many platforms that connect freelancers with customers, where the service provider can negotiate values.

Advantages :

  • The flexibility of schedules:
  • Freedom to work wherever you want
  • Freedom to choose the customers you want to work.

How to become a freelancer

To become an independent professional, you have to have an updated portfolio, be it in the text, photos, etc. You can create a page on the internet for this.

This website or blog is fundamental to show potential employers the type of work you do.

With the created portfolio, you can choose to negotiate with customers separately or register on platforms for freelancers, such as Workana, so companies can contact you.

Avoid speaking with potential employees on social media as this is an unprofessional image and, if you prefer, create a specific email account for these requests or arrange your inbox to not miss out on any proposal without reading.

Business Planning

If your company is in the initial phase, get ready to do a research, because you still need to know your market, the customer to whom you indicate your service and how you can promote the best experience for him.

Choose the niche

The niche is like a clipping in an area without a larger performance area. Children’s shoes are a niche in the field of shoes, which is part of the fashion industry.

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The choice of your niche must be aligned with your talents and abilities, with something you find easy to do or teach.

It must also be something more specific, with more possibilities to explore. But, at the same time, it can not be very segmented because it is important to have a search for the product you want to sell.

To choose your niche with more confidence, try asking a few questions below:

  • What do your friends often ask you to learn?
  • What would you do if you could work only for pleasure?
  • Which of your abilities could bring positive change to the lives of others?

Market Research

The first step for any business is to understand the market on which you will act. What are your competitors, what are they offering and, above all, what are the needs neglected by this market, because it is exactly at that moment that you must act if you want to establish a competitive differential for your brand?

To do this research, there are several tools that you can use, such as:

  • Google Alerts, where you set up alerts whenever your competitor is mentioned on other websites;
  • SemRush and Moz, to assess the strength of your competitor’s domain and assess the level of competition by certain keywords;
  • Social Mention and the like, to track the health of several brands on social networks;
  • Claim Here, to monitor the relationship that consumers have with their competitors, etc.

The list is huge, but the most simple and easy to use tool is still Google. If you pay attention to the SERP, which are the results that appear when looking for a certain term, you will already have a basic notion of who your competitors are.

It should be emphasized that this analysis is not done with the purpose of copying what others are doing, but to find the strengths and weaknesses of your market, so that you can position yourself more strategically.

Business Plan

The business plan is a strategic document that will guide all the actions of your company from now on so that you can reach the expected results.

The idea is that the plan looks at all the possible scenarios for your business, and what you need to do for your business to grow in a healthy way.

To create it, you must, first of all, have a clearer idea of ​​what your objectives are in the short, medium and long-term, considering a period of twelve months. Whatever the purpose of your business, one year is enough time to know if you are on the right track and to identify the actions that bring more results.

In general, a good business plan is one that answers as many questions about a business as possible, providing financial, operational and marketing direction. Remember to always revise it according to the performance of your business, and correct any imperfections that appear.

The archetype of your idea (Minimum Viable Product)

To find out if your idea is good in practice, you need to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), which is, in essence, an archetype of your idea, but made with fewer resources and directed to a smaller audience.

The purpose of the MVP is to verify that your product meets the demand for which it was created, in addition to identifying possible imperfections before launching it on the market. These tests are important to ensure that you will succeed in providing a good experience for the users of the service.

Tips for starting 2018 on the right foot

The only way to know if a business will really work is through action. But some tips can help you make 2018 a more promising year. Write these tips so you do not forget them!

Make good business connections

It is not because you work on your own account that you should not do networking. On the contrary, it is exactly because you are independent that it is interesting to surround yourself with people who can add new knowledge to your business.

You may have already seen that it’s about the events that you really know who can change your business, either with a content creation partnership, a reference professional in creating websites, an investor or even a potential consumer, who can give you sincere feedback on what you need to improve.

Do your best to participate in events in your market and be active on social networks like LinkedIn, because these ways help you get to know people better.

Another interesting way to capture new partners is by accessing the sites and product blogs related to yours and make a contact by e-mail, offering an exchange of guest posts because this strategy increases the number of links that refer to your content and it is useful for fortifying the domain of both.

If you work as YouTuber or Digital Influencer, you can collaborate with channels that speak on similar topics. You thus have the opportunity to be known by an audience that is interested in the topics you are addressing and that increases the visibility of your channel on search engines.

In summary, do your best to create good business connections and be open to helping other people grow their businesses too, as the exchange must be interesting for everyone involved in the relationship.

Draw bold goals

so the saying went: who does not risk, does not a snack. If you plan a lot and do not act, you will never know if your business can work or not.

Bold goals are different from impossible goals. These are only used to frustrate you and leave you discouraged.

  • For a goal to be useful to you, it must be:
  • Specific: leave clear what you want to achieve;
  • Measurable: easy to identify whether it has been accomplished or not;
  • Achievable: possible to be achievable with the resources you have right now;
  • Relevant: it must contribute to the growth of your business;
  • Temporal: It must have a deadline to be reached.

Let’s say your goal is to double your base lead in the next six months. An example of an objective that unites all the factors below is: insert more capture forms on your site.

This goal is specific because you aim to increase your base.

Measurable, because you will be able to trace the number of records via capture forms.

Attainable because you have the resources to do it.

Relevant because having more leads to work can increase your sales.

Temporary because you only have six months to analyze the results of your strategy.

A very important piece of advice: Setting a goal at the beginning of the year does not mean that you can not revise it throughout the process and even set new goals derived from it.

Listen to your customers

The consumer is the biggest thermometer to know if you are on the right track. If he has a good experience, he will return the good experience, either by buying several times or by indicating your service to someone.

The opposite is happening too. The consumer who is dissatisfied or who feels cheated in one way or another will become the biggest detractor of your business.

And why exactly do you want people to talk about you and your product?

According to some marketing studies, the opinion of other consumers weighs a lot at the time of the decision to purchase, this is what we call social proof.

So, always listen to what your consumer has to say. Do not minimize a problem that it faces, and be prepared to offer a moment after the humanized purchase.

Nobody likes to feel like talking to a robot. So, avoid scheduling automatic responses to any kind of interaction, as this can irritate your consumer.

And the last thing, talk to your customers, even if they have not done any solicitation. Using e-mail marketing to nurture the relationship with a base is a good and cheap strategy to delight your customers and turn them into evangelizes of your brand.

Take the opportunity to promote opinion research and try to find out what you can improve to provide an even more complete experience.