Customer Service – What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Customer Service

Customer Service

Every business in the world revolves around customers. It does not matter what the company does and how it approaches making money – it will have paying customers who will be paying for the service or the product. And while the quality of this product or service will always be the very core on which a company will be built, customer service will be just as important and this is a lesson every entrepreneur and future entrepreneur needs to know.

In fact, there are a few things that every entrepreneur needs to know when customer service is in question.

1. Customer Service Makes Loyal Customers

There are a number of ways in which companies can categorize their customers and one of the most useful ways is in first-time customers and the returning customers. And while attracting new customers will always be one of companies' primary objectives, making sure that they keep coming back can be equally as important. If not even more. The reason for this is that returning customers spend more money and purchase more easily.

The easiest way to turn a first-time customer into a returning one is to provide them with the best possible customer service. When people feel appreciated, they tend to come back, knowing they can expect more of the same. It is highly unlikely you have the cheapest and the best product (service) in the world. It is your customer service that seals the deal.

2. Customer Service Starts At The Top

Many entrepreneurs believe that customer service is something their employees done. Sometimes not even all employees but only the customer support department. There is nothing that can hurt a company like this kind of thinking. Customer service is something that has to be ingrained in every level of your company and it has to start with you.

Every member of your organization needs to understand that customer service will always be a focus and that no one will be safe if they do not give their best to the customers. Even when you have your hands full with innumerable aspects of running an enterprise, spend some time talking to your customers. If your company sells something, spend some time selling. Keep in touch with your customers.

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3. Tech Makes Customer Service Easier

Trying to do customer service without taking advantage of the next technological advances would be like ignoring online marketing in the modern world. There are so many new ways in which every company can improve its customer service that we really do live in a brave new world.

For example, companies can now provide their customers with entire sections of their websites that will be dedicated to nothing else but customer service. They can share instructional or inspirational videos with the customers. They can feature an entire Q and A section and even live chat for a more personal touch.

But it does not stop with the website. For example, nowadays, companies can go for the virtual receptionist service which will ensure someone answers the telephone even outside work hours. We are talking 24/7 customer service here.

Of course, learning from your customers is easier than ever. For example, you can send them a quick email with a friendly, thought-out survey on customer satisfaction.

There is no shortage of ideas.

4. Customer Service Sets You Apart

In the end, it will all come down to standing out among the competition and this is where customer service really shows its strengths. After all is said and done, people will always remember an experience where they were treated like real live beings and not just another number with a wallet. People will often spend more, as long as they are getting a superior customer service. They will also be more likely to talk about such a company to their friends and family.

In short, there are very few things that customer service cannot do for you. As an entrepreneur, you will ignore this at your own peril.

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