What is Event Planning and What Does an Event Planner Do?

What is Event Planning

Being an Event Planner

The event planner is like a conductor who knows how to play all the instruments. During the organization of his event, he defines his budget, his context, and his objectives, prepares his specifications, chooses his service providers, anticipates the smallest details …

The Event Planner is responsible for designing communication operations for his company or client. These events can take many forms such as the gala, the seminar, the trade show, the launch of a new product, sports events, etc.

To do this, the Event Planner must meet the needs and requirements of the client, know how to anticipate his expectations and propose original ideas of entertainment to convince him. The Event Planning runs everything from A to Z for the event. It uses providers, finds the ideal place, contacts suppliers and technicians. The event organizer will, in fact, collaborate with multiple professions: technicians, caterers, renters, managers, etc.

What is Event Planning

What is Event Planning stepsEvent Planning includes the estimates and budgets of the event. He then conceives the course of the party, the animations, the planning … Nothing is left to chance. But controlling every detail does not protect against unforeseen events. In this case, the organizer must be extremely responsive and know how to adapt to many situations. He must be the first on the spot at the event and the last party. Once the day has passed, the time is not at rest. In Event Planning, it is then necessary to debrief and analyze the results obtained in relation to the objectives, to evaluate the press effects and to inquire about the customer’s satisfaction. The job also involves frequent travel and irregular schedules (weekends, holidays and night).

The Qualities of an Event Planner

The event planner must be versatile: he must indeed animate, accompany, advise on a daily basis … He must also demonstrate versatility and patience, have certain flexibility of mind. But many other qualities are required of him:

  • Creativity & originality: It is a profession where the idea counts. The event planner must show creativity and originality in his proposals of Event Planning, to hold the attention of his client and to make an impression during the event.
  • Reactivity & autonomy: Cold-blooded for the management of the last details, resistance to stress and fair play, all essential qualities for a good event planner.
  • Relational and editorial skills: He must know how to exchange, compose and “work with” people in his professional environment, but not only! A good relationship is essential. Strong writing skills are also essential because he is responsible for communicating around the event planning.
  • Rigor & sense of detail: Zero-defect! The image of the company depends on the rendering of the event. We must be rigorous and let no detail. In addition, you must have a sense of priorities and know how to optimize your time and actions.

The Role of an Event Planner

event managerIts main role is to organize events in B2B or B2C allowing companies to trade, research partners and create links with its employees. You have to manage the organization, promote the event, manage the invitations, cocktails, meals, accommodation, manage the reservation of meeting rooms, organize conferences. Such an event project manager can also participate in the company’s internal communication projects by organizing internal sales competitions, incentive trips, company evenings … a real conductor able to adapt to all public, internal or external to the company. !

The event organizer also has the role to manage the implementation of the event, from the search for ideas of places, activities, animations … that will make the event to come to success, up to the organization planning of interventions and providers on D-Day, all according to a budget determined in advance.

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Functions of Event Management

Its first objective is to find the original and/or atypical ideas that will be representative of the objective of the event. The event will be very different for a business meeting or a rewarding evening or for an annual corporate convention.

Once the general idea or theme is defined, the event project manager’s mission is to find all the adapted service providers, who will be able to meet the defined specifications.

A competent event organizer must also demonstrate tremendous responsiveness and remarkable adaptability. If we could revisit the profession of the event organizer, we could rename the discipline by “management of the unexpected”. Because the unforeseen are numerous.

On the day of the event, the caterer ordered for the occasion had a power outage: all products stored at the expense are no longer usable. The organizer to provide a fallback solution, and quickly because the 300 guests on the doorstep seem already hungry.

The job therefore also requires enormous composure coupled with relentless stress management. Self-help is also welcome when it comes to meeting the gargantuan expectations of a customer who has a rather ridiculous budget. In this case, System D is your best friend.

What are the Career Opportunities in Event Planner Jobs

Event planning is a fairly broad branch, so you can practice the profession within a variety of structures that open up different event planner jobs opportunities. The event organizer can join for example an agency of events or communication, a communication pole within a large company (rarer) or integrate the event service of a local authority.

To make a career in events requires an important determination. The event organizer does not have fixed schedules. During the organization period, she gives all her time to the success of the event. Often ordered in a very short time, the event requires continuous involvement from an event manager. Forget your evenings and weekends to enjoy a drink with girlfriends, or to spend time watching TV movies.

The event does not wait. It must be ready and delivered on time and in an irreproachable manner. On D-Day, the organizer must, of course, be on site to ensure the smooth running of things. Once the event is over, she thinks she can finally breathe. But it is wrong, it is now necessary to analyze the results in relation to the objectives, to evaluate the customer’s satisfaction and to consult the generated spin-offs.

Organizer of events is, therefore, an event planner jobs or profession that requires a considerable number of skills and involvement. Difficult to establish an average salary for this type of trade, because it will depend on the type and the size of the company in which it is carried out. However, the Onisep evaluates the average salary of a beginner in this area to 2200$+ gross.


After reading this article you should focus on the following skills and tasks:

  1. Organize events that meet the expectations of your customers;
  2. Set goals that are specific, measurable and realistic;
  3. Organize events that will be remembered;
  4. Plan your events effectively;
  5. Select professionally the place of your event;
  6. Set up a marketing campaign to serve your event;
  7. Check all parameters including those governed by current legislation;
  8. Lead and motivate your team;
  9. Evaluate the impact of your event.

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