How to Grow Your Career as an HD Mechanic


The mining industry continues to thrive in Australia. Thus, heavy diesel or HD mechanic jobs also continue to be in demand. When you secure an HD mechanic job through a trusted mining recruitment agency, you won’t just receive a sizeable salary – up to $200,000 in some positions – but you’ll also have the option to salary sacrifice your remuneration package.

If you’ve been working an HD mechanic job for a while now, it’s a great time to take the next step and grow your career. Below are some points to consider as you work to advance in your chosen field.

Career Progression of an HD Mechanic

HD mechanics are tasked with the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of machinery. These include farming and construction equipment like bulldozers, cranes, and graders. In the mining industry, these pieces of machinery include excavators, earth-moving equipment, rock dusters, transport trucks and more. It’s your job as an HD mechanic to make sure that all the heavy-duty mechanical machines assigned to you are in perfect working order. This will ensure efficiency and safety in the worksite.

The usual progression of an HD mechanic career is usually upward. You can be promoted to a senior position, where you are assigned to handle more machines or more complicated ones. You may also move to a management position if you have the necessary qualifications. If you do, you will be less hands-on with the machines. Instead, you may be tasked to either supervise a team of HD mechanics and/or supervise their training.

If you have the resources, you may also choose to further your education and earn a diploma in mechanical engineering. Your job as an HD mechanic will certainly give you an edge through the course of your studies. Afterwards, you can work on acquiring your licence to practise as a mechanical engineer in a mining site.

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Earning More as an HD Mechanic

Realistically speaking, career advancement opportunities for HD mechanics can be limiting in terms of jobs or positions. However, you have a huge potential in growing your salary. Depending on your level of expertise, your specific HD mechanic job, and the mining company you work for, you can earn as much as $200,000 per year.

It’s a good idea to discuss career growth opportunities with your employer. There may be a recent vacancy for a senior position that you can fill. This might be advantageous to the company as well since they won’t need to go through the usual on-boarding process for new hires.

If you’re looking for opportunities outside your current job or company, you might also want to engage labour-hire companies or mining recruitment agencies. They can help grow your career and salary faster since they have insider knowledge about the latest open positions. Recruitment agencies can also help negotiate a better compensation package for your current job or a potential new job.

An HD mechanic job is definitely an exciting opportunity. With some strategic moves, you’ll find yourself with even better opportunities and quickly grow your career. Good luck!

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