7 Techniques to Become a Better Programmer


Do you want to become a better programmer? Got the basics but want to be among the best? In this article, we are going to see 7 techniques that will make you a better programmer.

Becoming a better programmer is an easily identifiable goal, but in reality, it is much more complex. Often, we try to improve but we don’t really have a solution, we don’t really know how to do it.

Learning a programming language is good for your brain. Seriously, you will become more intelligent and be able to carry out professional and personal projects.

In this article, we cover why you should learn how to do coding, what are benefits and 7 techniques applicable today that will allow you to become a better developer.

Why you a programming language

1 – More money, less work

Well I know, like that, it looks like a scam …

But seriously, the programming world is a booming world. Many companies need more and more programmers.

And you know, when demand exceeds supply, prices go up.

In fact, it is quite simple. Your salary depends on what you bring in terms of economic benefits to a business.

Programming is a very specific area. It is long and difficult to learn.

As a result, there are few people who can claim the position of developers. However, more and more companies are looking for programmers.

A developer starting out in the profession earns at least 40,000$ per year. Someone with 10 years of experience can easily go up to 100,000$.

I am not saying that the salary is not deserved, on the contrary. It is a job requiring a lot of investment in terms of time and persistence.

But as we have just seen, it is greatly rewarded economically.

2 – You will think more logically

As I often say, a programmer is someone who is able to solve problems. To do this, programmers use their logic, algorithms and programming languages.

The real skill that a programmer must have is to think logically.

Believe me, if you work a lot, you will think logically without even realizing it.

A good programmer must be able to see a problem as a whole and find many small solutions to solve a big problem.

If you are learning programming and training to create projects. You will gain experience and think in a much more logical and intelligent way.

3 – Freedom

Programmers can work as a freelance. That is, you find clients who need your services and get paid to solve their problems.

Freelancers are entrepreneurs, they are their own bosses and their economic prosperity depends only on their skills. In addition, freelancers are extremely well paid. Up to 400 euros per day for a beginner freelancer.

Don’t get me wrong, freelancers still have deadlines, meetings with clients and imperatives. However, you have the autonomy to choose your hours of work and especially where you work. A freelancer must meet the demands of his customers on time and above all produce good quality code.

A freelance programmer can have a fantastic life. They can live where they want and have a very good economic situation in addition to doing what they like.

Programming gives you great freedom

4 – IT is omnipresent in our world

Computers have automated many things that humans did manually before. Codes are everywhere, in day to day life, products we use weather directly or indirectly. People who are not comfortable with the digital world often face problems.

Programming languages ​​are actually the new languages ​​of the world. Things change quickly and if you don’t know how they work, you are in an uncomfortable situation.

Although the jobs in 10 years will not be exclusively in programming. It is clear that more and more work will be automated and will require programming skills.

The skills of a coder will become more and more necessary.

Today is the best time to get into the field of computer science and programming. More and more systems will be based on IT and if you want to be in the new world, you will have to adapt.

5 – Job satisfaction

Studies show that programmers are far more satisfied with their work than the majority of workers in other sectors.

Indeed, they see their work as a passion above all. They have fun working and they get more money for it

It is very satisfying to see the fruit of his work directly realized. Programmers see the fruit of their work first-hand because if they create something, they can directly see it and experience it.

Programmers have the ability to turn their ideas into something real through programming. If you are passionate about a subject, have an idea and know-how to code, nothing prevents you from realizing it

6 – You will never stop learning

Programmers are curious people. A good developer will constantly search for new skills and try to learn to code better.

Technology changes every day. Learning to program is an ongoing process. If you want to stay in the race, you have to adapt.

If you learn new things and like that feeling, you’re going to be a good programmer.

Programming is the domain of the future. It’s the best time to learn to program. Learning to code will allow you to improve your career and acquire new skills.

Now, I will give you 7 techniques applicable today that will allow you to become a better developer. These are techniques that I have applied every day since I started programming!

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7 Techniques to becoming Coder

1 – A “working” code is just the beginning

Yes, your first role as a programmer is to write a functional program that meets expectations. Many average developers stop at this stage.

A good developer knows that this is just the start. Stopping there is like building the foundations of a house and trying to sell it.

Code can always be improved, there is always something shorter and more effective, something that will cause fewer bugs.

Of course, there is no point in optimizing your code by adding unnecessary things “just in case”. You have to find a happy medium by optimizing your code but not too much.

2 – Read a lot of code

Reading code is probably the best way to improve your programming skills quickly. We hear this advice everywhere, but why reading code makes you a better programmer?

When you read someone else’s code, you see how that person managed to solve a problem. Reading code allows you to open your mind and see more solutions.

In addition, you will learn techniques and come across yet unknown pieces of code. Reading code will allow you to learn a lot of tips and new solutions.

When you read someone else’s code, on GitHub for example, it is important to ask yourself a few questions in order to progress:

  • How would you have written this block of code? Would you have used another solution?
  • What did you learn? How could you apply this in your projects
  • How could you improve the code you read?

Be careful with this trick, it can become a trap. Reading a lot of code doesn’t automatically make you a better developer. You must understand and think about what you are reading. Try to apply this new knowledge in your projects and you will progress!

3 – Write your code 3 times

So I know, this title sounds stupid, why write your program three times? Is that totally stupid?

Let me explain, when you develop a project, whether for your customers or for your business, you will go through several stages of development:

  • First, you will present a program that serves as a demonstration. It does not work very well, it only aims to present the idea
  • Next, you will create the program in order to make it work properly.
  • Finally, you will make sure that your program is well written, that is to say, that it is as optimized as possible.

If you apply this protocol, you will progress because you will have to optimize your code and find solutions to simplify it, it is a great way to improve!

4 – Create projects for fun

I often say in my articles that the best way to learn to program is to do personal projects. Today, you know how to program. But this advice still applies.

When you program, you do it professionally. It is not the best solution to make yourself known and you do not really have time to learn new techniques.

Participating in open source projects, creating applications for you or your friends or even starting a business in development are activities that will allow you to progress greatly.

If you code for fun, you will progress much faster because you are in a good state of mind!

5 – Remember that you still have a lot to learn

The first step in improvement is to admit that you still have a lot to learn and that you will never be perfect. Say like that, it seems obvious. But it is something that requires a lot of hindsight.

Many developers with little experience think they are the best and know everything. Believe me, this is wrong. Today, I know 8 programming languages ​​and I still have a lot to learn.

Try to step back, if you think you have nothing more to learn, you will not improve, be open to new ideas and everything will be fine.

6 – Chat and work with other developers

Listening to the ideas and advice of other programmers is a great way to progress. I will take one of my personal examples. I was working on a microprocessor and I was totally blocked. In a meeting of one hour of discussion over a coffee, I understood a lot and I unlocked myself.

Chatting with other developers is also a good way to receive constructive criticism of your code.

If you participate in an open-source project, for example, you will receive advice from people working with you.

Interacting with other developers will allow you to be more open, to have more knowledge and to receive very good advice. In addition, you can also help other people!

7 – Do not learn tools, learn techniques

Programming languages, frameworks and libraries come and go. It is for this reason that it is important to have maximum experience and knowledge. Concentrate on the fundamentals of programming, these techniques are applicable to any technology.

The basics have not changed since the 60s. If you manage to master them, you will be much better. Think more about your algorithm and architecture than the code itself.

If you think there is only one way to fix a problem, you’re probably on the wrong track. There are hundreds of theoretical solutions for a programming problem and mastering the fundamentals of programming will make it easier for you to find programming.

The dogmatism of a language or a paradigm is an obstacle to learning and improving. You absolutely must have an open mind.

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