Become An Entrepreneur in Sport?


Operate in the field of sport today is a dream for many young people. Most choose to work for public structures, other structures for private … And if becoming entrepreneur was ultimately the best solution for some professional projects? How and what are the benefits?

Example with Jonathan Pak, 24, who at the exit of his studies has decided to embark on his own as a sports coach. Here his career tracking its website.

Hi Jonathan, can you explain your love for the sport and the choice of your school career?

The sport began for me at a young age with the judo I always practice today at the age of 24 years. Meanwhile, I could try my hand at many sports practices and especially during my STAPS license. These early academic years enabled me to establish a first contact with the professional sports world, both through a first stage as a coach in a martial arts structure during an exchange year Erasmus in Berlin but also thanks to my investment in associative sports events.

Wishing to pursue my studies I then engaged with a Master STAPS research and professional, during which I could make a hospital internship and my first internship as a trainer after which I launched in as self-contractor.

Why self-entrepreneurship?

Compared to the wage that offered me the structure I have hosted internships, self-entrepreneurship showed significant advantages: hourly pay more than five times a layout flexibility of my schedule, the ability to choose Customers near my home and of course the freedom to be independent while caring minimal formalities.

Is it easy to find clients when we launch?

As part of the sports coaching, self-entrepreneurship has the advantage of being directly rewarded by his work and customer recognition. Customer satisfaction is transformed into a word of mouth all the more important that customers talk about us as individuals and not as a company impersonal. Thus, the contacts of my clients become my clients directly, which will therefore soon enough.

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What do you think are the main disadvantages of self-entrepreneurship?

Among the disadvantages of self-entrepreneurship I will mention only the capping of the turnover and the inability to qualify for tax deduction. For sports coaching where required hardware investment is almost zero, however this is a minor constraint.

What would be your advice for young people who want to start today as self-entrepreneur in the field of sport?

To those who wish to embark on the same path, I would recommend above all for taking the time to reflect and learn about the news of self-entrepreneurship. In my case, I am satisfied with the experience I have gained as a self-entrepreneur even if I want to change plans now to continue my profession in which I evolved in my services offered .