5 Ways You Can Improve the Quality of Your Customer Service


With the every-quickening pace of technology today, keeping up with competitors seem to be a struggle for many business owners. If you are in the same situation right now, don’t let the pressure to compete take its toll on you, but simply remind yourself of the most important thing your company can do in order to stand out – provide unparalleled customer service. No matter what the state of the economy is, offering customer service that is second to none will help your business succeed and your organization grow. Here are top five ways you can do that.

Offer Personal Information

Adding a face to your business definitely helps you to gain the trust of your customers and attract more. This is especially true if you’re running an online or virtual company. Business is all about relationships, and people will only do business with companies they like, know, and trust. You don’t necessarily need to acquire a physical office space, but you can surely find other ways such as letting your customers contact you not just through email, but through phone calls or even online chat as well. Go the extra mile and offer a little bit of personal information and you can rest assured that your customers will trust you more.

Offer Community

Another excellent way to gain the trust of your existing clients and attract more customers is to let them know that they are not alone in doing business with you. This could mean hosting a weekly webinar or setting up a local event like a fair or a small business convention. Invest in such worthwhile activities and you’ll not only retain loyal customers, but gain more from walk-in guests.

Increase Your Customers’ Knowledge

Offer your customers to learn more about your trade will make them trust you more. When speaking with them either through phone, email, or in person, try to spend more time talking about your products and services as well as trends in the market. Letting your customer know that you are not insecure about them knowing more about the trade than you do will give them the assurance that you are genuine and are somebody they can truly trust.

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Provide Special Privileges

Customer service is all about taking good care of your customers, and what better way to show that you care for them than by giving them special privileges? Find out what discounts you can give them that competitors are not already giving their own clients. Offer special treatment to your existing customers and make them feel like VIPs. Offer special benefits to new customers and reward customers who have been with you for the longest time and you’ll convert them into loyal fans.

Be Available

The fifth and probably the most important you can do to improve the quality of your customer service is to simply be available every single time that your customer needs you. Again, the success of your business depends on how strong your relationships are with your staff, business partners, and customers, and if there is one phrase that could best describe the word relationship it’s “being there for someone when they need you.” It may sound cheesy, but it’s the key to improving your customer service, it’s the key to retaining existing customers and gaining new ones, and it’s the key to growing your business.

About the Author: Eric has a small online business that he manages with his wife. He strongly believes that building strong relationships with customers is key to making any business succeed. He also believes that using 1300 numbers for businesses is an excellent way to improve the quality of customer service. If you want to know the cost of 1300 numbers, he suggests you visit EasyInbound.