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If you want to share your writing with the world. As a member, you get to post blogs and articles in and once posted we will share and promote it extensively through social media. We provide you with complete freedom, You do not need prior permission to submit a blog or an article. If your content meets our website standards we will publish it on the same day. As a registered user, you will also receive updates about the latest happenings from the world of technology through our newsletters. To know more about our guidelines for guest post check the details below:

Your post must fall into one of these categories:

  • Business News
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  • Productivity

Your post cannot be an advertisement for your product or the equivalent of a sponsored post. It must be a post that is intended to add value to readers. The post must indicate that you personally have written this post and you know what you are talking about.


Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print. Your personal experience on the topic is what makes your blog post interesting to a reader. Therefore, it must not be in textbook style. It must indicate your personal involvement with the subject just like any other blog post on this website published.

You agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site. You may, however, post a brief “tease” or summary on your site that links to the post.

You may provide up to three byline links: one for your blog or Web site, one for your bio or About page, and one for your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn account (optional). Your links will be published within the body of the post as a highlighted note for readers to know that it is a guest post by you.

You Must Have A Gravatar  Image For Yourself: I now require that all guest authors must have their gravatar image. If you don’t have a gravatar image for yourself, please take time to set one up for yourself at their website.

Your Post Must Have An Image: Don’t forget to include 1 image matching your guest posts and make sure images size are less than 60 KB. The dimension of your image must be at least 700px wide. If you are sharing someone else’s image, please add a credit note for them.

Your Post Must Have At Least 700 words: Your post should be at least 700 words long. If your post has quality content that my readers may benefit from, I welcome posts that are even larger than 1000 words as long as you keep the size within 2500 words.


I will likely copyedit your post for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. If I make substantive changes (unlikely), I will email the post back to you for your approval before posting.


Please confirm that you are willing to engage with my readers in the comments about your post. This is hugely important and a non-negotiable. My readers have come to expect this.


If your post meets the above guidelines, please go ahead and send me an E-Mail(admin[[AT]] and attach your blog post in a Word document (or a text file) so I can review your post and provide you with my feedback.

Once your content is finalized, I will then create an account for you as a guest author and you will get an email with your logging details for this website. Then, you are required to populate your social media profiles for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and your Author Bio for your account. Make sure you are happy with the details about your author profile.

The next step is to get your published. When your profile information is ready from your end, just let me know and I will work with you to finalize a publishing date to get your guest post published and then schedule it as agreed.

For more question and query, you can reach me via E-Mail(admin[[AT]] or Contact Us Page.

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Please note: acceptance to our contributor program and publication of contributed content is at the sole discretion of Business 2 Community.